From Monk to Money Manager

I grew up in a rich family where having too much money was a problem, so I ran away to a monastery and took a vow of poverty where having too little money was a problem.

My family idolized money, and then in the monastery, we believed that money was the root of all evil. And neither extreme worked out well — My family shattered, and the monastery went bankrupt.

So I vowed to learn everything I could about money management to make sure I never repeated either mistake.

Then I noticed something curious: Monastery guests who were in spiritual pain were often in financial pain as well. I’d pray for them, but I also insisted we make a budget -- because God is not going to work a miracle to fix a problem that you have the power to solve.

Over the years, I realized I had a talent, so I became a money manager to take what I learned in the monastery and bring it out into the world.

In my book, From Monk to Money Manager: A Former Monk’s Financial Guide To Becoming A Little Bit Wealthy — And Why That’s Okay, I unite the best money management practices and the highest ethical values together to make you wealthy, the world wealthier, and to help love flourish.


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