“A monk, a Marine, and a money manager walk into a bar . . . actually, they wrote a book and they are all the same person! Doug Lynam is one of the most interesting people I know.”- Scott Dauenhauer.

Profiled in numerous media outlets such as the New York Times, Kiplinger’s, CNBC, Entrepreneur, and The Street, Doug brings a unique perspective to the world of finance. His new and ground-breaking book, From Monk To Money Manager: A Former Monk’s Financial Guide To Becoming A Little Bit Wealthy – And Why That’s Okay, receives enthusiastic reviews for its wisdom and thought provoking insights told with humility and humor.

Doug is a self-proclaimed “Suffering Prevention Specialist,” as well as a cartoonist, columnist, writer, and lecturer. He is known for his engaging and approachable speaking style that will leave a tear in your eye and a smile on your lips.

Doug grew up in a wealthy family, where money was abundant but weaponized. Rebelling against the world of materialism, he first joined the Marine Corps, but then found a higher calling – and became a Benedictine monk for 20 years. When the monastery went bankrupt, he learned the lesson that extreme poverty was as painful as selfish materialism was destructive. He vowed to learn everything he could about the world of finance to help others find a middle way. The result of his exploration is a unique message that combines tried-and-true money management techniques with uncompromising spiritual ideals common to all the great world religions.


A partner at LongView Asset Management, LLC, in Santa Fe, NM, Doug is an industry thought leader in ethical and sustainable investing. He founded the non-profit ESG Fiduciary™ Institute and has built pioneering environmentally and socially responsible institutional retirement plans for teachers.

Doug has devoted his life to service. He was vice president of a search and rescue team while in college, was ordained as a monk by Father Richard Rohr, and taught math and science for 18 years while in the monastery. He continues to provide pro bono advice to low-income families and has won awards for his volunteer efforts for the homeless.

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Recipes from the Monastery

The brothers in the monastery may have been austere in some aspects of their lives, but not with food. Click here for one of Doug’s favorite recipes from the monastery.

Manna from Heaven – Spedini

Manna from Heaven – Spedini